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Category Archives: Family


The Line Between Discipline and Child Abuse

By Baginski Brandt & Brandt |

Discipline is a practice that is often used to correct a child’s behavior. A common conduct among parents, discipline typically resorts to punishment in response to disobedience. Though many consider discipline an integral part of character growth, some parents can take their punishments too far. When punishments towards children get excessive, it can cross… Read More »

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Family Abandonment and Children in Florida

By Baginski Brandt & Brandt |

If your spouse abandons you, it can undoubtedly be an extremely stressful and emotionally exhausting experience for you. Not only can it threaten your sense of emotional stability, but it could also significantly harm your financial position if you were financially dependent on them, or if you had children. However, if you find yourself… Read More »

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Parental Kidnapping: Everything You Need to Know

By Baginski Brandt & Brandt |

Parental kidnapping occurs when a parent takes the child from the other parent without consent. Often times, the child is forced into an unfortunate situation, burdened with the responsibility of having to suddenly start a new life elsewhere. Parental child abduction can be traumatic for not only the child, but also the entire family…. Read More »

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Domestic Violence Cases Increase in Florida During COVID-19

By Baginski Brandt & Brandt |

Several factors related to the COVID-19 crisis have led to heightened emotions and rising stress levels. This in turn has worsened domestic abuse in many households across the nation and in Florida in particular. On Tuesday, August 11, a shooting occurred just 30 miles southwest of Port St. Lucie in a domestic violence situation… Read More »

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How Does Death Affect Child Support?

By Baginski Brandt & Brandt |

Child support is a periodic monetary aid of a fixed sum that a child receives from either of their parents following their divorce. Its value to a child cannot be overstated, and in 2017, the Government of Florida distributed almost $1.5 billion worth of money in child support funds. In most cases, child support… Read More »

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How Caretaking Duties Can Affect Division of Assets

By Baginski Brandt & Brandt |

In Florida, asset division during divorce is carried out under the doctrine of equitable distribution, meaning that assets are divided “fairly,” though not necessarily evenly as they are in community property states, which split marital assets down the middle, 50/50. Moreover, only marital assets are subject for division; this only includes assets and debt… Read More »

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