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Port St. Lucie Relocation Dispute Attorney

Are you in need of a skilled attorney to assist with a relocation-related matter in the Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Stuart or Palm City area? If so, the Port St. Lucie relocation dispute attorneys at the firm of Baginski Brandt & Brandt are experienced in helping clients through post-decree concerns including those that pertain to move-away or physical relocations. The process of securing the court’s approval under such circumstances is not always as easy as many expect, and it really does matter how the issues and arguments are explained to the judge. The lawyers in our office are ready and willing to undertake representation in these matters across the Fort Pierce, Stuart, Palm City, Port St. Lucie and neighboring realms.

If a physical relocation and/or permanent move is something you need to explore due to professional or other reasons, it is wise to get in touch with an attorney prior to finalizing any decisions. Alternatively, if your ex-spouse is contemplating such a change, and you are worried about the ramifications, we are well-equipped to advise you on how best to proceed so that access to your kids remains as easy as possible. Courts have the ability to deny requests for relocation and/or modify existing custodial agreements. In all such cases, the guidance of an experienced practitioner is important in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Does One Parent Wish To Relocate? Seeking Approval First Is Key.

Following the finalization of a divorce proceeding, each party must heed each and every term contained in the order. Included in this will be matters concerning custody and parental visitation of minor children. Parents must seek court approval if a move will take them somewhere that is a significant distance away from the other parent. If a requested move relates to the demands of a job, courts typically attempt to fashion a solution that works for everyone, but it is not always easy. Disagreements between parents in such scenarios are common, and the insights of legal professionals can help them achieve resolution.

Relocation Attorney

It is important to create a plan for the child or children to move with the relocating parent or develop a new arrangement that suits the best interests of the minor or minors involved. An overseas move is often viewed as a serious threat to custody arrangements and will require substantial deliberation and negotiation between the parties involved.

There are, of course, instances in which a relocation represents a good thing for the children of divorce. Perhaps the move will bring the kids closer to grandparents or other family members wishing to help in their upbringing. In all cases, however, the parents’ interests in the move will take a backseat to what the court feels is best for the children. With that said, however, absent unusual factual considerations, courts generally attempt to work collaboratively to come up with an order that meets the needs of everyone involved to one degree or other.

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