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Port St. Lucie Alimony Attorney

When you are dealing with divorces where the marriage has been a long-term – lasting for seven years or more – or there is a spouse that has a disability, the courts may opt to order the other spouse to pay alimony. This is intended to support the spouse that is in need, while still taking into account the other spouse’s ability to pay. Alimony is determined in the final divorce order, and it is important that any demands are timed properly, and that the plea is made properly. Failure to follow due process in this regard could leave a person unable to claim at all. Putting in a plea for the wrong amount could also cause issues, as some alimony awards can be modified, but others cannot, and there are several circumstances under which alimony can be terminated.

The Port St. Lucie alimony attorneys at Baginski Brandt & Brandt will listen put together a case that will work towards the best result for your needs.

How Much Can I Get, Or How Much Do I have To Pay? Ask an Alimony Attorney

There is no single set figure for alimony, so the amount that you will receive, or pay, cannot be predicted. The figure will depend on potential earnings and deferred earnings – a parent that stayed at home and put their career on hold will have that taken into account. Supportive relationships will also be considered. You can work out alimony with your spouse if you wish, but if that proves to be something that you cannot agree on then the courts can help with the calculation. When you do reach a figure, it may be tax deductible for the person paying it, but the recipient will need to pay taxes on the income.

Alimony Is More Than Just Money

Alimony is not always just a financial payment, but the payments are the most common thing. Some parents may be given property or a vehicle. The supporting payment may have to make payments for the duration of a child living at home, with the payments stopping when the child becomes an adult. Alimony payments are calculated on a case by case basis, and the duration of the award will vary depending on the length of the relationship and the circumstances of the spouse that is requesting the ongoing support. This is why getting advice before putting in a plea is so important.

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