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Port St. Lucie International Divorce Attorney

Filing for Divorce: One or Both Spouses in Foreign Countries

Need a lawyer for an international divorce? An international divorce, whether one or both parties live outside the USA, or the marriage took place in a foreign country, can require a high level of legal experience in international divorce. The issue of jurisdiction is the first matter to resolve. A couple may have met in the USA or in a foreign country, gotten married and then moved to the FL area, and now face the problem of marriage dissolution. These can be extremely complex issues, particularly when children are involved, and there are assets in other countries that must be valued. Matters of jurisdiction and how to sort out all the issues in the divorce will require an understanding of international divorce.

Jurisdiction: International Divorce

There are a great number of issues that could arise in an international divorce, including matters related to child custody, visitation, spousal support, and property division. The process can vary, based upon the country in which the other person resides, or where the marriage took place. We offer our services to those who are seeking an international divorce, and we have successfully assisted many in this situation. The initial step in the process is to determine the jurisdiction in which the divorce will take place. This is a complex area of law. It is imperative that no errors are made, and that you have legal representation from a divorce lawyer with experience in resolving an international divorce.

Looking for an Attorney for Your International Divorce?

When children or assets are located in a foreign country, the issues involved must be managed with extreme care and attention to all jurisdictional issues. Immigration law and tax law could impact the outcome of a divorce.

Why You Need An International Divorce Lawyer

Filing For Divorce When One Or Both Parties Live In Another Country

Do you need to find a lawyer that specialized in international divorces? An international divorce requires a high level of expertise whether one or both spouses live outside of the United States or they were married on foreign soil. Jurisdiction is the first issue that needs to be addressed. A couple could have met in New York City, gotten married in France, then decided to settle in Los Angeles before realizing they need to get a divorce. This is a tricky situation, especially if there are children an assets that have to be considered. Understanding how this type of divorce works id the first step to finding a resolution.


Factors like child support, visitation, and dividing marital property all matter when it comes to seeking an international divorce. Depending on the countries where the spouses lived and married, the process can be quite different. We are skilled in this area of divorce law and we would like to assist anyone who is in need of our services. The first thing that has to be determined is the jurisdiction where the dissolution of marriage will occur. This type of law is quite complex. It is important that there are no blunders and you have a lawyer representing you who is experienced in this arena.

Are You Seeking An Attorney To Assist You With An International Divorce?

Children assets are priorities that must be handled with care and attention to all of the legalities in the jurisdiction where the divorce will be filed. Tax and immigration laws could play a huge part in the way things turn out. Instead of taking a chance and rolling the dice, you need to find a legal team that can help you navigate this process with the least amount of stress. Our team of experienced international divorce attorneys at Baginski Brandt & Brandt is here to assist your case. Call us today.

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