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Port St. Lucie Divorce Orders Enforcement Attorney

When a couple divorces, the judge enters a series of court orders that may continue to impact the former spouses and their relationship with each other for years to come. These orders may include the payment of alimony, and if the couple have children, the payment of child support along with child custody orders regarding parenting and timesharing. At Baginski Brandt & Brandt, our Port St. Lucie divorce orders enforcement attorneys understand the long-term effect the divorce orders have on a couple. We strive to create practical, effective solutions that work to meet everyone’s needs. However, we know from experience that these solutions don’t always work, and ex-spouses sometimes find themselves in a dispute as to whether payments are being made on time or whether the custody arrangement is being implemented correctly. Our St. Lucie divorce lawyers work to resolve these disputes outside of court but are also able and ready to go to court to seek enforcement of court orders when necessary to protect your rights and make sure your needs and those of your children are being met.

Enforcement of Child Support and Alimony Payments

Is your ex not paying what he or she should on a timely basis, not paying the full amount, or not paying at all? Agencies such as the Florida Department of Revenue can help with child support enforcement, and your attorney can help with child support or alimony by sending demand letters or initiating formal legal proceedings. If you are the paying ex and having trouble due to a job loss or other financial needs, the proper recourse is to seek a judgment modification, which our Port St. Lucie family lawyers can help you with.

Enforcement of Timesharing Schedule and Parenting Plan

Whether created by the parents jointly or imposed by the court in a Florida divorce, the parenting plan and timesharing schedule is likely very detailed about who gets custody of the children and when, how and where drop-offs and exchanges occur, what to do in a last-minute change of plans or emergency, how important decisions about the children’s upbringing are made, and how disputes or “tie votes” over such matters are resolved. Not all former spouses can work well as co-parents, but you won’t ingratiate yourself with the court by filing papers for every little matter that arises or to try to “score points” against your ex. We’ll work to try and resolve disputes with a practical, workable solution, but when the other parent simply won’t play nice, we know the necessary legal procedures to enforce compliance with custody orders.

Florida Court Orders Can be Enforced in a Number of Ways

One of the great things about court orders is that they are enforceable in court, and the judge overseeing the case has a number of tools at his or her disposal to force recalcitrant parties to comply with the orders of the court. Your attorney can seek the most effective way to force compliance in your particular case. A few of the more common means employed by the courts and state agencies include:

  • Wage garnishment or income withholding
  • Intercept federal income tax refund
  • Put a lien on personal property
  • Suspend a driver’s license
  • Suspend a business or professional license
  • Suspend a hunting, fishing or other recreational license
  • Order make-up parenting time
  • Impose additional terms on the parenting plan
  • Modify the parenting plan/division of custody
  • Impose fines and/or jail time for contempt of court
  • Pursue criminal charges for interference with custody or nonsupport of dependents

Enforcement proceedings may involve motions and hearings in court, and our family law attorneys can represent you in seeking or opposing enforcement of court orders in St. Lucie and Martin County courthouses. Don’t resort to “self-help” methods by denying access to the kids until your ex pays the child support he or she owes. If you do, you’ll be violating a court order yourself, which can get you in trouble and even end up changing the division of custody between the parents. Legal mechanisms are in place to help you get enforcement of alimony, support and custody orders. Don’t take the law into your own hands; let us help you find a practical, effective working solution to your family law needs.

Help with Enforcement of Custody and Support in Port St. Lucie and Beyond

In Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce and Stuart, contact Baginski Brandt & Brandt for smart, effective advice and representation in family law and divorce enforcement matters.

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