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Monthly Archives: May 2023


Will Crypto Assets Be Divided?

By Baginski Brandt & Brandt |

For some Florida families, cryptocurrency is an asset class where a lot of their wealth is held. Because of this, if a couple moves to divorce, those crypto assets will need to be divided. Sometimes this is tricky as not all cryptocurrency is tracked in the same way. There are a variety of platforms… Read More »

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How Is Success Attributed To Divorce?

By Baginski Brandt & Brandt |

When a couple moves to divorce, how they will reach a resolution will depend on a variety of factors. Because of this, how to obtain a successful divorce will depend on the details of your situation and what post-divorce goals you are seeking. When you and your partner have made the decision to dissolve… Read More »

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Gender Neutral Alimony Payments

By Baginski Brandt & Brandt |

Stabilizing the finances of each individual exiting a marriage is often a priority during Florida divorce negotiations, and often this will involve alimony payments. Also granted under the term alimony, spousal maintenance is part of the process when one spouse has a much larger income than the other spouse. Sometimes maintenance payments are also… Read More »

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Discovery Periods And Florida Family Law

By Baginski Brandt & Brandt |

When a couple is moving toward divorce in the state of Florida, there is often a period of discovery. This is a phase during the divorce process in which both parties exchange information and evidence that is relevant to the case. A skilled Port St. Lucie family law attorney can work with you to… Read More »

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As A High Earner, Can I Be Awarded Child Support?

By Baginski Brandt & Brandt |

If you are a high earner, meaning you bring home a hefty income, you may believe you will not be able to access child support during the divorce process. But it is a common misconception among Florida high earners that they cannot be awarded child support. In reality, each situation has its own details… Read More »

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