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Your Chances of Beating a DUI Case


In Florida, getting arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) can have grave consequences on your future.

If found guilty, you could be forced to pay large fines, lose your license, and/or even serve time in jail. Furthermore, the adverse aftereffects of a DUI conviction may continue far beyond trial. After a DUI, your housing options can turn out to be limited. Even first-time offenders face forfeiture of their professional licenses, which can result in the loss of a professional career. Not to mention, the dramatic increase on car insurance premiums. 

You must consider all of the legal alternatives before simply pleading guilty. By knowing what to anticipate, your chances of having positive results in court are much higher. 

Getting Your DUI Charge Dropped 

In Florida, under certain circumstances, it may be possible for offenders to have their driving under the influence charges dropped completely.

Usually, suspected drunk drivers are forced to submit to breathalyzer or blood tests to determine their blood alcohol content level. Numerous conditions can trigger inaccurate positive breathalyzers results. Offenders that are shown to be over the legal alcohol limit can dispute the results. Experienced lawyers are often able to point out errors associated with the equipment used or procedure by the arresting officer.

First-time DUI offenders may be able to have their charges dismissed, by registering and completing a deferred adjudication program.

There are numerous other valid contentions used to have DUI charges dropped, including the police officer using an unauthorized road block, the arresting officer infringing on the offender’s constitutional rights, the arresting officer not following the property field sobriety test procedures, or the officer not having probable cause to stop your vehicle.

Additionally, the arresting officer may have inadequate evidence against you or the evidence gathered may be inadmissible in court.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact an Experienced DUI Lawyer 

Choosing to contest your DUI charges without the assistance of an attorney is not recommended. The penalties of a DUI conviction frequently negatively affect offenders’ lives for a long time. Luckily, hiring a skilled DUI lawyer can greatly help your chances of having the charges dismissed.

If dismissal is not an option, working with an experienced DUI attorney will assist you in developing the most suitable tactical defense that you can use in court. Being aware of all your possible defense options will greatly improve the chances of winning your case.

A Port St. Lucie DUI attorney at Baginski Brandt & Brandt can represent you through each stage of your DUI proceedings, from preliminary questioning, through the arrest, charges, and court hearings. Since being arrested for a DUI can be complicated and intimidating, we suggest contacting an attorney as soon as possible. It is crucial that you choose a qualified attorney to advise you of your rights and fight for you. Call today at 772-466-0707 or contact us online to discuss your options more in-depth.

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