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Why Child Support Payments Cease


When it comes to child support payments, consistency is key. Regular payments ensure the well-being of children and allows the parent receiving the payments to budget accordingly. So if you’ve been receiving child support payments and suddenly the payments are no longer being made, it likely has you concerned.

A first step is determining why the payments have stopped. Sometimes child support payments cease due to temporary setbacks, in other situations a missed payment is an indicator of a larger issue. Instead of worrying on your own, connect with a Port St. Lucie family law attorney who can talk to you about common reasons child support payments stop and how to get the payments back on schedule.

Communication Gaps and Disagreements

A temporary gap in employment or a change of banking institutions can disrupt the payment process. In such cases, open and honest communication between both parents is essential. Addressing the situation promptly can get payments back on track. If possible, the parents can work together to find a solution that suits both parties’ needs and the best interests of the child.

Of course, there are instances when communication is not possible or conversations alone will not suffice. Then, legal intervention could become necessary. One such scenario is when the paying parent asserts their dissatisfaction with how the money is being spent and decides to withhold payments as a result. Regardless of the reasoning, it’s important to understand that child support payments are intended to provide for the child’s needs, a paying parent is not permitted to simply stop payments because they feel they should be able to do so.

Whether a disagreement that has led to the stop of support payments is connected to parenting decisions, lifestyle choices, or financial priorities, seeking the guidance of a family lawyer is advised. A lawyer can assess the circumstances surrounding the cessation of payments and advocate for your rights. They can communicate with the other party, negotiate payment arrangements, and, if necessary, take legal action to enforce child support obligations.

No Clear Reason for Payments Have Stopped

If you suspect that the paying parent is intentionally withholding payments without valid justification, take action before the problem gets worse. Deliberate non-payment of child support is a serious matter and can result in legal consequences, including contempt of court charges and enforcement measures such as wage garnishment or asset seizure.

Ideally paused support payments can be resumed through communication, but when arguments continue or payments are withheld unjustly, support from a Port St. Lucie family law attorney may be needed to connect with justice. You don’t have to navigate the problem on your own.

Should you talk to your ex-spouse about stopped payments or make an appointment with an attorney? While there may be valid reasons for child support payments to cease temporarily, it’s essential to address the issue promptly. Talk to the legal team at Baginski, Brandt & Brandt if your ex is not returning your calls or you suspect they are intentionally withholding payments. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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