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When You Should Hire A Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer


You need to protect your rights if you were arrested for a misdemeanor or felony charge. Speaking with a skilled defense lawyer as soon as possible is an important step to understanding what options you have after you have been charged. Criminal penalties can be severe, having a legal professional on your side is essential.

Connecting with a Port St. Lucie criminal attorney right away could even lead to the charges being dismissed. Experienced legal teams can immediately recognize when there was a mistake made in the arrest process, meaning the arrest itself is not valid. Do not delay, talk to a lawyer as soon as you are able to after an arrest.

Arrests are Emotional Events for Families

It can be incredibly emotional to be arrested for a crime, and it can be difficult on families. When you work with a seasoned lawyer, a legal professional can fight to protect your rights while you focus on your family’s well being. Lawyers who have worked on cases similar to your own can inform you on what to expect moving forward.

There could be grounds for a self-defense strategy if you are charged with battery, for example. An attorney can analyze documentation and past situations. Then, it may be possible to prove you were under imminent threat when the event occurred, leading you to act in self-defense.

Drug Arrests Can Result in Severe Penalties

Being charged with possessing drugs or distribution can lead to harsh penalties, including jail time and high fines.

Possible strategies you lawyer could use to defend you after a drug charge:

  • Demonstrating that the law enforcement search that led to your arrest was illegal or unlawful.
  • Proving the drug or paraphernalia items actually belonged to another person or group.
  • Showing that there was not adequate evidence or proof was missing.

These are just a few examples among many. Once your attorney is familiar with the details of your situation, they will create a unique strategy for you.

With expertise, talent, and years of training, a Port St. Lucie criminal attorney can assess your situation and determine if there is a way to get your charge dismissed or lessen your jail sentence. Because they have experience in criminal cases, they will know what options could be available. For instance, maybe community service and fines could be an alternative to serving jail time.

Are you unsure where to turn after a Florida arrest? Connect with an experienced defense attorney today. You have rights and the attorneys at Baginski Brandt & Brandt can help protect you whether the charges you are facing are minor or serious. Reach out to our legal team to understand your options. Contact us and schedule your free consultation with a Florida criminal defense attorney.

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