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What to Do If Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault


Crimes with a sexual nature will make anyone’s records look bad, even if the accusations were false. Many people understandably become alarmed when they encounter such a situation, as such allegations are extremely serious. In turn, they may inadvertently allow their accusers to get away with lying, even when their own reputation was permanently tarnished. If you ever get falsely accused of sexual assault, it’s important that you know what to do next in order to help protect yourself.

Do Not Try to Handle This Alone

The moment you are accused, you should immediately hire a knowledgeable lawyer to help you. It’s much better to hire one known for experience in false accusations of sexual assault or sexual crimes in general. We will know what to do right away and help reduce the stress you undergo during these tough times.

When investigations commence and the police try to speak to you, tell them you will only speak in the presence of your lawyer. This is because anything you say to the police can always be twisted against you. Even if you know the accusations are baseless, one wrong sentence can spell the end of your good reputation.

This also applies to conversations and text messages elsewhere. No matter who you talk to, say nothing that will compromise you. Do not discuss your case on social media, either, as this can backfire and may hurt you even further. Measure your words and never say anything that you don’t intend to say. The safest choice is not to discuss your case with anyone besides a lawyer.

Your Steps After an Accusation of Sexual Assault

Panicking when you’re falsely accused will get you nowhere, and it’s even possible that you might put yourself in even further danger by doing so. Instead, you should stay calm and not act on your emotions. We know you feel angry and defiant, especially if you’re innocent of the accusations, but you can’t let your emotions get the better of you.

First, try to think back to when you first met your accuser. Gather all the evidence possible by interviewing others, checking dates, and more. You can construct a timeline this way, the start of the long battle to prove your innocence. Texts, emails, and even voicemails can help bolster your claims of innocence.

Never Interact with Your Accuser

It should be fairly obvious that interacting with your accuser will never make things go right. They may try to frame and trap you with false evidence or tricking you into saying something they can use against you. At any time, a phone call could be being recorded without your knowledge. It is also possible officers are listening on the other end of the line. By distancing yourself, you ensure that you are safe from these risks.

Have You been Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault?

Being accused of sexual assault can be terrifying, and you may wonder what your next steps should be following the false claims. It’s understandable to be angry, but you need to remain calm and rational throughout the entire process. If you’ve been falsely accused of sexual assault, make sure to contact our Port St. Lucie criminal attorneys at Baginski Brandt & Brandt right away, as we have experience in cases like this. To schedule a free, no-risk case evaluation to discuss your rights, please reach out to us today to learn more.




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