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Port St. Lucie Criminal & Family Attorneys > Video FAQs > Child Custody/Time-Sharing > What are some common arrangements for child visitation in Florida?

What are some common arrangements for child visitation in Florida?

In Florida, we call it time-sharing, but it’s the same thing as visitation. In Florida, time-sharing can be arranged in a number of ways. Some families works best at 50-50. I’ve seen what’s called a 2-3-2 time-sharing arrangements. Two nights with one, three nights with the other, two nights, and then rotating back and forth. I’ve also made arrangements with families where they like seven days and seven days. There’s a variety of ways.

Other families that works better for weekends. There could be an every other weekend arrangement, or a middle of the week arrangement as well. It all depends upon what works best for your family. Some people have jobs that are 9-5, five days a week. Some people have other jobs, where their time may not be as consistent. It’s important for your attorney to understand what your schedule is, so they can maximize the quality time that you have with your child.

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