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Providing For Your Children?

Child Support: Providing For Your Little One?

The answer is fairly simple. A parents must give the child everything they need to sustain life, which includes shelter, food, medical care and clothing. In general, this obligation continues until the child turns eighteen. However, it may end earlier if the offspring is emancipated or if they graduate high school prior to turning eighteen. It also ends if they go into the military or if they get married. Still, there are times that the child support continues past these points, particularly if the child cannot care for himself.

When Does Child Support Come In?

If the child is living with his or her biological parents under one roof, the courts generally do not dictate how much support is given. However, if the parents separate or divorce, and one parent is primarily responsible for the care of the child, there are laws about how much money the non-custodial parent must pay child support.

What Do I Have To Do For Child Support?

Both parents must ensure that their child gets the medical care that they need. If there is a situation where the child’s life is at risk, and the parents do not want to accept treatment that could save the child’s life, the state may become involved to ensure that the child has the best care possible.

In addition, parents are required to send their child to school for a certain number of days every year. They can choose where they send their young one to receive an education, however, whether it is a charter school, a public school or a private school, among other options.

If one parent remarries, and a stepparent enters the family, it is important to note that this individual does not have a legal obligation to the child. However, some stepparents voluntarily take on the role of providing support to the child. If this happens, and the marriage later ends, the stepparent may have to continue paying child support even after the divorce.

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