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Port St. Lucie Prison Release Re-Offender Attorney

Florida imposes severe consequences for those individuals who commit new crimes after they have recently been released from prison. Florida Statute Section 775.082 imposes certain mandatory sentences for these individuals. If a person commits a certain felony (listed below) within 3 years from being released from State Prison, then that individual will be charged under the above Prison Release Re-Offender (PRR) Statute.

Prison Release Re-Offender Defense Lawyer

If this individual is convicted of this newly committed felony, then according to the PRR (Prison Release Re-Offender Defense Lawyer) Statute, the individual must be sentenced to the statutory maximum of the new crime. For example, if a person is released from prison and within 3 years, the person is charged with robbery and then is convicted of the robbery charge, the judge must impose a 15-year mandatory sentence. Additionally, there is no gain-time under this sentence and thus the individual will do the entire 15-year sentence. If instead, the new charge was robbery with a firearm, then because robbery with a firearm is a felony punishable by life, then the sentence for that individual must be life under the PRR (Prison Release Re-Offender Defense Lawyer) statute.

Prison Release Re-Offender Defense Lawyer: Conclusion

Most often in these types of cases, prosecutors will not make a plea offer. The prosecutors will claim that because the case is PRR, they have no discretion to impose a lesser penalty. The serious nature of the penalties associated with the PRR status requires attorneys of our unique background and commitment to ensure that all avenues of defense are explored and that you are kept informed of the strategies and actions taken on your behalf (Prison Release Re-Offender Defense Lawyer).

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