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FL Child Support Increases And Decreases Are Possible


When child support is awarded, the court is taking the current financial situation into account, but those numbers could change. While it is important for a both parents to provide for their children, financially and emotionally, there may be a situation in which a parent is simply unable to make the monthly payment they have been ordered to make. In which case, you may want to request an abatement of payments or a downward modification.

Also, if have been receiving child support and you believe your ex-spouse is capable of providing far more in financial support now than they could in the past, you may seek an upward modification to assist you in paying for appropriate housing, food, healthcare, extracurricular fees, and other expenses for your children.

To talk through the steps of a child support modification in Florida, whether you are seeking an increase or a decrease, talk to a seasoned Port St. Lucie family law attorney.

Situations Leading to Support Modifications

While modifications requests do get approved, it needs to be proven the request is connected to a change in economic circumstances. Modifications will not be approved simply because a person feels they should be paying less or receiving more.

Some situations that have led to child support modifications:

  • One or both parents have experienced job loss or income reduction.
  • A salary boost has been given to one or both parents.
  • The amount of time a child spends in each home has changed.
  • A parent or child is experiencing a health crisis.
  • The child’s special/unique needs have shifted over time.

There are penalties if a person who has been ordered to make support payments stops the payments simply because they don’t want to pay. Always continue making payments, even if you are seeking a modification. Taking the proper legal steps will shield you from additional problems and strengthen your chances of you obtaining the outcome you want.

Talk to a Lawyer About Updating Payments

If parents are able to discuss the situation and agree to a payment change verbally, this can be advantageous if they are doing so to continue to co-parent harmoniously. But you should still connect with a Port St. Lucie family law attorney and take the steps to have your verbal agreement solidified legally. If you don’t, the old order is still binding, which can create problems later if you and your ex are suddenly unable to communicate in a constructive way for one reason or another.

Are you looking to have the payments you receive increased or the amount you pay each month decreased? Support adjustments are possible, and a Florida attorney who has the knowledge you need can make your objectives a reality. Many financial details will need to be assessed. To get started, connect with a compassionate legal professional who will listen to your reasoning and let you know what legal action needs to be taken. At Baginski, Brandt & Brandt, we are committed to our clients and work diligently to connect them with the future they are seeking. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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