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Emotional Infidelity, Cheating, And Divorce


Infidelity is defined as the action of being unfaithful to a spouse, and many think of this as when a spouse or partner has sexual relations with another person. But what is considered infidelity can vary from union to union. According to one study, around 60% of individuals consider it infidelity if their spouse has a deep connection to another, even if there was no physical sex.

Troubles can infiltrate a marriage when there is a physical affair or emotional infidelity.  If you are sure it is time to divorce, file paperwork. But if you believe your marriage is salvageable, marriage counseling could be a path to healing. To discuss what would happen should you end the marriage, talk to an experienced Port St. Lucie family law attorney.

Betrayal Can End Marriages

Even after a period of marriage counseling, there are marriages that can’t survive an infidelity. Nonsexual relationships can be very intimate. Physical affairs and sexless affairs can do irreparable harm when the person who was cheated on finds themselves unable to forgive the other. Of course, there are also times when the person who was involved in the affair believes their pursuing infidelity is an indicator it is time for them to move away from the marriage.

Highs and lows are part of every relationship, including marriages. Stress and strain can make it difficult to make clear decisions. Often people find it beneficial to process feelings of anger and sadness with a professional counselor of their own, outside of marital counseling, or trusted family member or friend.

Large Life Decisions and Talking to an Attorney

Ending a marriage is a huge life decision, it is not a choice to be made hastily. To carefully move forward, assess your situation and bring all of the information you have to the attention of a Port St. Lucie family law attorney. Then, you will know what your future would possibly look like should the marriage come to an end.

For instance, if you and your spouse have children, there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to custody of the kids, if there will be support payments, and how the situation will be handled if one or both parents plan to move within Florida or out of state. Planning for the future and protecting your interests is an important part of the process, this is true if you choose to legally separate for a set period of time or finalize the end of the marriage through a divorce.

Are you trying to move your life forward after finding out your spouse was unfaithful? If you believe a separation or divorce is in your future, take steps to care for yourself and talk to a lawyer before agreeing to any divorce terms. The compassionate legal team at Baginski, Brandt & Brandt can help. Our attorneys will carefully listen to what you are hoping to secure for your future and work to achieve your desired outcome. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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