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Be Careful Of Social Media Posts When Divorcing


Social media is part of daily life for many individuals. Although opinions on which platforms are the best vary, some prefer Facebook and Twitter while others opt for SnapChat and Instagram, these platforms are used to share photos with friends and promote businesses. While these can be fun and informative ways to share information, you need to be careful with social media when navigating a divorce.

Posts, images, and comments can be used as evidence in legal proceedings, and you don’t want any information out there that could impact your credibility, particularly if you are having disputes surrounding child custody and child support issues. Discuss the particulars of your situation with a Port St. Lucie family law attorney.

Assume Nothing Online Is Private

While privacy settings can give users options on who can see their social media posts, it is important to recognize that nothing you post is completely private, no matter how you have your settings set up. In legal proceedings, a range of communications can be subpoenaed, including social media content, texts, and emails.

For instance, if one parent involved in the divorce process is asserting through the negotiation process that they do not have a high enough income to provide the level of child support the other parent is seeking, and then they post pictures of their new fancy boat online, it can be used against them. In the same way, if the parent with the boat is seeking shared custody and their soon-to-be-ex is claiming they are the responsible parent who should be awarded full custody and then images of them partying wildly at odd hours appear on their Facebook account, things become complicated.

In general, all of the following types of posts should be avoided.

  • Images or comments about expensive, luxurious purchases
  • Sharing information about income or job opportunities
  • Sharing information about the divorce
  • Saying negative things about the other individual
  • Images of wild parties or lewd actions
  • Shifting relationship status to single before the marriage has ended

Each situation is unique and will have its own considerations, which is why it can be helpful for some, especially individuals who post so often they hardly think about what they are posting, to simply take a holiday from their accounts until the divorce is finalized.

Financial Matters and Unreported Assets

All assets need to be reported when divorcing. Social media can lead to one individual believing not all assets have been reported if an expensive lifestyle is being exhibited. If you believe your spouse has unreported assets, discuss next steps with a Port St. Lucie family law attorney. Assets, objectives, and custody concerns could all be called into question due to posts online.

Is your soon-to-be-ex spouse questioning your behavior because of the content of your social media posts? The compassionate legal team at Baginski, Brandt & Brandt can share best practices with you, which could include taking a break from social media platforms. Once our attorneys understand the details of your situation, they can share options with you. An attorney will fight for your future and inform you of possible outcomes. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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