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Find Out If A Criminal Defense Attorney Is Any Good

Nobody wishes to be charged with a crime. However, sometimes it does happen. If you or someone you know have been charged with a crime, then hire an attorney. Below are some things to consider whether you have a good defense attorney or if you should hire a different attorney.

1. They Fight Hard

It doesn’t matter how much they get paid, a good attorney cares about their client and their rights. They want to make sure that their client’s constitutional rights are vindicated and protected and they work hard to make sure they are treated as fair as possible. Long story short, a good attorney will fight very hard for their client, even if they are accused of anything from horrific crimes to something minor. The truth is things might not go smoothly at all times or the court will rule in the accused’s favor or anything of that nature.

Usually things don’t go too smooth at the first court appearance, when the client is facing serious charges. However, a good attorney will still give it their all to fight for their client. This is even the case if the initial decisions don’t reflect the attorney’s efforts.

2. They Are Repeat Players

There are repeat players in the court system, and this includes criminal defense attorneys, who often has a working relationships with other repeat players, which include the prosecutor. This can be a good thing because if the lawyer has a good reputation for being ethical and passionate, then they may be in a good position to advocate for their client or even negotiate something in favor of their client. Relationships between repeat players is more important than many realize, but a lot of people wonder whether or not a defense attorney is really on their side when they notice the attorney share a smile or laugh with other repeat players.

However, part of the attorney’s strategy may be to smile or laugh with other repeat offenders. This may work to their client’s advantage, and they may even be able to help their client get a good bond determination or a really good plea deal and things of that nature. The truth is that the more friendly and familiar a lawyer is with repeat offenders, the better off the client is, but this isn’t always the case, so that should be noted.

However, there is a huge problem if a defense attorney is always getting close to repeat players, including the prosecutor, so if you do see this happening often, then you should be concerned. Also, if the attorney doesn’t come off as if they care if the client wins or loses, and they are getting really close to other repeat players, then this is a horrible sign. In fact, it would be in the client’s best interest to get another attorney.

3. They Don’t Care If You Did It

Criminal defense attorneys don’t care if their client did it or not, but most defendants want their lawyers to believe they are innocent. However, a good lawyer doesn’t care because their job is to try to get their client the best verdict or at least trying to get the least amount of punishment for their client. An attorney doesn’t focus on their client’s guilt or innocence, as they are more focused on protecting their client’s rights and they are focused on fighting for them using all of the resources available to them and by putting in all their energy into the case.

4. They Don’t Take Reports At Face Value- Prosecution reports and police reports may say certain things, but a good attorney won’t take them at face value. In fact, they and usually a professional, will take a look at the allegations and demand information about their client’s case. They will work on getting records and they will even go to the crime scene and speak to witnesses. Not only that, but a good attorney will take statements and get their hands on any relevant videos and photos that may help bolster their case.

5. They Encourage The Fifth Amendment

A lawyer who is good at what they do will remind their clients of their Fifth Amendment right, which is the right to remain silent. They will also encourage their client to only speak to them and the investigatory about the crime they are accused of, and they will speak to their client in person regardless if the client is locked up or free on bail. Attorneys are very busy people, but they will always make the time to speak with their client because they have an obligation to do so. Not only that, but a good attorney knows the importance of communicating with their clients and they are interested in forming and maintaining a relationship with their clients.

If you are planning to hire an attorney, then you must be willing to do a research, and make sure the attorney you are going to hire has a stellar reputation. However, if you don’t get a private attorney and you go with a public defender, then things can be a bit more difficult, but you can still get a substitute. What you can do is speak up, which you can do by writing to the judge or the next time you have a hearing, you can speak to the judge and tell them how you believe your attorney is not doing good by you. If the judge determines your attorney is not good for you, then you might end up being appointed a new criminal defense attorney, but make sure you give the judge evidence of you needing a new lawyer.

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